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Relationship Therapy

Do relationships drain your energy? Are you frequently in reactive or argumentative moments with your partner, friends or family? Positive, healthy love relationships nurture and provide energy and stability in your life.Improving communication, clearing the air of resentments, and learning to manage reactivity can go a long way towards improving your relationship with your self and  with your loved ones."Love and Trust in the space between what is said and what is heard can make all the difference."

Self Relations Therapy

Are you happy with yourself? Negative self talk, feelings of depression, or self-anger hinder not only your own internal sense of well-being, but also your ability to participate in positive, healthy relationships."You, yourself, as much as anyone, deserve your love and respect."

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Spiritual Guidance

Do you live life without a sense of belonging or purpose? Developing a meditative practice is important to your personal well being and improves your relationships with others.
Learn how personal practices which promote stillness and well being can enhance your relationship to yourself and to others.
"The life of sensation is the life of greed; it requires more and more. The life of the spirit requires less and less, time is ample and its passage sweet." - Annie Dillard